Saturday, September 5, 2009

Tanta Flax Workers' Strike Enters its 98th Day

An ongoing hunger strike launched by four sacked workers from the Indorama Shebin Textile Company has entered its seventh day; while the ongoing strike by the 1,000 Tanta Flax Workers has entered its 98th Day.

On Friday evening, Sept. 04, hundreds of striking Tanta Flax workers hosted a Ramadan iftar within their company in the Town of Mit Hebeish, where other workers, unionists, an MP, journalists, labor lawyers and activists broke their fasts in solidarity with these workers and their demands. Friday marked the 96th day of their ongoing strike.

Several Central Security Forces trucks loaded with riot police troops were stationed outside the company along with a number of State Security officers.

Gamal Othman, a strike leader and one of several sacked workers at the company, shouted "this is the 96th day of our strike and tomorrow will be as if it was our first day on strike! And how long are we willing to persist?!" Hundreds of the striking workers replied in unison "several more years!"

Tens of Tanta Flax workers, strike leaders and solidarity activists then took off to a hospital in Shebin El Kom City to visit four out of the six punitively sacked workers from the Indorama Shebin Textile Company who have been on an ongoing hunger strike since August 30 - now one week.

The visiting workers and activists expressed their solidarity with the four hunger strikers: Mohamed El Aasar, Abdel Aziz Mohamed, Ayman El Seesi, and Samir El Qazazz.

Power to the 1,000 Tanta Flax strikers & power to the four Shebin El Kom hunger strikers.

In Solidarity,

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