Wednesday, September 9, 2009

PSI Protests Against Interrogation of Free Union Leader


Proceedings against Mr Kamal Abu Eita, President of the Real Estate Tax Authority Union

07 September 2009

Dear Prime Minister,

Public Services International (PSI) wrote to you on 18 August 2009 concerning serious interference in the affairs of its affiliate the Real Estate Tax Authority Union (RETA). In particular we drew to your attention the pressure being exerted by Mr Hussein Megawer, President of the Egyptian Trade Union Federation (ETUF), on various officials in order to discredit and threaten the leadership of RETA.

We pointed to the fact that ETUF had filed a report with the Public Prosecutor against the President of RETA, Mr Kamal Abu Eita, falsely alleging that Mr Abu Eita’s election as President was irregular and that RETA is therefore an illegal entity.

PSI has learned with grave concern that proceedings against Mr Abu Eita will begin tomorrow, 08 September 2009. PSI condemns in the strongest terms this persecution and harassment of the leadership of RETA. PSI again urges your government to take the necessary steps to ensure that RETA is able to function as a free and independent trade union, including the dropping of all charges against Mr Abu Eita.

PSI is monitoring developments closely and will not hesitate to bring this matter to the attention of international partners, including the International Labour Organisation.

Yours sincerely,
Peter Waldorff
General Secretary

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