Sunday, August 9, 2009

Remember Nagasaki

Today Japan and the world commemorate the 64th anniversary of America’s atomic attack on the City of Nagasaki which killed at least 73,884. A total of around 150,000 lives are said to have been lost in the course of this inhuman atrocity and several decades onward, including those who later succumbed to exposure and other radiation-related illnesses.

War Criminal/US President Harry Truman had personally ordered the dropping of a plutonium bomb on Nagasaki only three days after he had ordered an atom bomb to be dropped on Hiroshima (August 6, 1945) killing around 140,000.

The “Fat Man” plutonium bomb was dropped on Nagasaki at 11:02 on the morning of August 9, 1945. Its mushroom cloud is said to have risen to an altitude of 18 kilometers.

So that this is never repeated: Ban the Bomb!

Remembering Nagasaki

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