Monday, August 24, 2009

AFP - Egypt demands Israel apology after policeman shot

August 23, 2009

AFP - Egypt demanded an apology from Israel on Sunday after one of its soldiers was shot by the Israeli army earlier this week, the official MENA news agency reported.

The foreign ministry summoned the Israeli charge d'affaires in Cairo, slamming the shooting as "irresponsible Israeli actions resulting from repeated Israeli army mistakes," foreign ministry spokesman Hossam Zaki told MENA.

"Israel must apologise for the incident... The Israeli army should punish those in charge of such unacceptable action to avoid its repetition," he said.

On Monday, Israeli soldiers posted on the Egyptian border opened fire at an Egyptian policeman they said had acted in a suspicious manner.

The incident, which took place 20 kilometres (13 miles) north of the Israeli Red Sea resort of Eilat, left the 21-year-old conscript wounded in the chest.

An Israeli foreign ministry spokesman told AFP that his government had no plans to respond until the circumstances surrounding the event became clear.

"We are cooperating with the Egyptian authorities to examine the incident and until the investigation is complete we have no plans to comment," he said.

Egypt demands Israel apology after policeman shot

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