Friday, January 2, 2009

Photos of Demo at Tagamuu' Party HQ - In Solidarity with Gaza

Dec. 31, 2008

Downtown Cairo was infested with thousands of CSF troops and pigs who arrested tens of demonstrators, activists, and journalists on Wednesday.

Demonstrations in solidarity with Gaza were forcibly dispersed in Tahrir Square and later in El Es'aaf; with further arrests there. Photographers in these areas were harassed and threatened with arrest.

A small demonstration (involving tens of leftist youth) in solidarity with Gaza was staged outside the Tagamuu' Party HQ near Talaat Harb Square; but the demonstrators where quickly forced off the street and into the party HQ. The party HQ was entirely sealed off by rows of black-clad CSF troops. From the party's balaconies these youth demonstrators continued to chant slogans condeming Israel and supporting the Gazan resistance.

The Egyptian government has assisted Israel in turning the Gaza Strip into a large prison, and now it seeks to assist the Zionists - once again - by silencing the voices of those Egyptians who actively and vocally oppose Israel's war crimes.

Down with the Egyptian Police State & down with the Apartheid-Zionist State.

Long live the Gazan resistance