Sunday, December 13, 2009

Photos: Journalists' Syndicate Elections

Run-off elections for the presidency of the Journalists' Syndicate were held today - December 13.

Some 4,000 eligible syndicate members cast their votes.

The ruling regime's puppet candidate, the elderly Makram Mohamed Ahmed, managed to hold on to the presidency of the syndicate for another two years.

His contender, Diaa Rashwan, a hope-inspiring "candidate for change" may very well have won these second round of elections - had the two candidates been on even playing grounds.

The regime had clearly mobilized its forces against the candidate calling for change. One could not overlook the fact that buses from state-owned papers were transporting government employees en masse (hundreds, if not thousands) to vote for Makram; each of these sheepish voters was given a free combo meal from Egypt's crappy fast-food joint - Mo'men.

Diaa won a total of 1,561 votes, while 2,419 votes were cast for the old government stooge Makram.


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