Monday, December 1, 2008

Demo in Solidarity with the Worker-Activists of Tanta & El Mahalla

Around 200 Kefaya activists, students, workers, and professionals staged a protest demo outside the Journalists' Syndicate in solidarity with the (sacked and punitively relocated) worker-activists from the Tanta Linen Company and the Mahalla Textile Company - on Monday night, December 1.

Meanwhile the worker-activists (from these two companies) who were sitting-in/sleeping-in at the headquarters of the Egyptian Trade Union Federation decided to suspend their protest - pending further negotiations.

A number of these same worker-activists took part in the protest demo outside the Journalists' Syndicate.

During this demonstration numerous activists held up placards and banners calling for - the reinstatement of the twelve workers from Mahalla and Tanta, the right to establish free and independent labor unions, improved wages, and a cessation of privatizations.

Other activists held up signs calling for the release of the imprisoned Bloggers Mohammad Adel & Mohammad Khairi; while others carried placards demanding the release of Egyptian activists who were arrested (weeks earlier) while organizing humanitarian aid convoys to the besieged Gaza Strip.

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